Stuff I know about.


Brazilian Portuguese is my native language. I have good English reading/writing skills (TOEFL ITP: 663/677), and reasonable speaking. By the way, check out my blog!

Developer skills

I have extensive experience with JavaScript and TypeScript, Node.js, Angular 2, and many JavaScript frameworks. I also use Java stacks, JSP (Hibernate) and JAX-RS. I've used C/C++, PHP (GetSimple CMS), and a little bit of Python and C#. I have considerable SQL (mostly PostgreSQL) practical knowledge. I've done testing with TestNG, jUnit and Selenium WebDriver/GRID. I'm used to virtualization (VirtualBox, Vagrant), containerization (Docker), and both Windows and Linux environments.

Photo & design

I know my way with a camera. I shoot RAW and post-process with Adobe Lightroom and sometimes GIMP. I can do some pretty decent vector art as well using Inkscape. You can find my photos here and here.


My work experience.




Centro de Apoio a Políticas de Governo


Automação e Processamento de Imagens


My academic life.